INIS, the World Publications on Nuclear Science and Technology


What is INIS?

The acronym INIS stands for International Nuclear Information System. This database is a collaborative international information system which is operated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria. INIS is compiled in cooperation with its Member States and international organizations. It is the global leading information system on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.


What Does INIS do?

INIS provides a comprehensive referral service for information on literature in nuclear science and technology. For this, INIS processes most of the world’s scientific and technical literature in its thematic scope in collaboration with its members, so that, it meets the information needs of the international community in the areas of  interest and IAEA activities related to peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.


What is the size of INIS Collection?

Currently the INIS database on Internet contains over 3.3 million bibliographic references. A Bibliographic metadata is often followed by an English abstract. Full-text documents represent around 10% of the collection. This unique set of non-conventional or grey literature is also fully searchable.


What are the subjects covered by INIS?

INIS covers all aspects of the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. There are central areas to the scope such as nuclear reactors, reactor safety, nuclear fusion, applications of radiation and radioisotopes in medicine, agriculture, industry and pest control as well as related fields such as nuclear chemistry, nuclear physics and materials science. Special emphasis is placed on the environmental, economic and health effects of nuclear energy. Legal and social aspects associated with nuclear energy are also covered. And, from 1992, the economic and environmental aspects of all non-nuclear energy sources are included in the scope.


What is NCL?

INIS maintains a collection of full text documents called non-conventional literature that would be difficult to obtain elsewhere. It includes scientific and technical reports, patent documents, pre-conference papers, and non-commercially published thesis and laws. The INIS Collection of full-text documents covers literature on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy from 1970 to the present.


Free Access to INIS:

INIS is freely accessible for all users


Who is the INIS Liaison in Iran?

The Nuclear Information Center affiliated to Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute hosts of the Iranian INIS Center. It began its cooperation with INIS in 2000. Providing collection and selection, this centre organizes and sends all the literature published in Iran in the field of nuclear science and technology to INIS. The inputs cover the bibliographic information and abstracts of the selected documents.The center has also the duty of introducing and promoting INIS database and its products, participating in related exhibitions and providing users’ required documents in the country which is available in IAEA.  Moreover the requested documents by other INIS Members are supplied and sent.


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